Incubators New Zealand Ltd

We are New Zealands largest supplier of poultry and bird Incubators. We have basic models for beginners through to top of the range fully automatic incubators for all types of birds and reptiles. We have incubators that will take 3 eggs and incubators that will hold over 1000 eggs.

We send incubators all over New Zealand and we export to Australia and the Pacific Islands. We sell incubators to people for chickens, ducks, parrots, pheasants, quail,  budgies, turtles, finches, breaded dragons, water dragons. If it lays eggs people have used our incubators to hatch them, we have even sold one to somebody to hatch crickets in. 

We also have Chicken Coops and a range of Poultry Accessories. As we deliver all over New Zealand we accept Visa/MasterCard and Bank Deposits. As our location is a little out of the way we are mainly mail order but you are welcome to come and check out our range of items. We are located in Helensville just North of Auckland, it takes approximately 35 minutes from Auckland City and 20 minutes from the end of the North Western Motorway (depending on the time of day and traffic)

PLEASE NOTE EMAIL CHANGE - New Email: incubatorsnz@outlook.co.nz





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