REPTILE INCUBATOR - R-COM Juragon Reptile Incubator $675NZ

REPTILE INCUBATOR - R-COM Juragon Reptile Incubator $675NZ


This simple to use and highly effective incubator will take the worry and stress out of hatching reptile eggs. No more filling bowls of water and battling with humidity too high or low, temperatures fluctuating all the time. Simply plug in set-up which is easy to do and let the incubator do the rest.
Main Functions:-


  • Automatic Temperature setting and control
  • Automatic Humidity setting and control  
  • Manual setting Mode for other reptile incubators
  • Real-time incubation condition indicating on LCD
  • Celus. And Fahar. Interchangeable  
  • D-day count for hatching date 
  • Alarm Function





Easy Functions:-

  • Easy recognition with large view-window
  • Alarm for water supplement ( Humidity Control )
  • Large d LCD display
  • Incubation Information Indication
  • Micro chip with optimum incubation conditions according to species of reptiles, for incubation beginner
  • Indication for easy animation graphic for various kinds of functions
  • Disassembling of lower body for easy cleaning
  • Dual Structured incubation container included
  • Daily Temperature gap option Setting function  







Safety Functions:-   

  • Sensor for the opening of view-window
  • Automatic movement stop of circulation fan for safety and electric device on the upper main body for safety
  • BLDC Fan for decreasing temperature deflection
  • Safety function for circulation fan movement
  • Self-examination function for machine abnormal
  • Easy locking device of main body ( Disassemble of  lower part and upper part )
  • Incubation data saving function under a stoppage of power supply 


  • Power                                 AC  220V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Temp. Limits                       20C~42C ( 68F~107,6F )
  • Temp. Accuracy                  +/- 0,5C
  • Working Temperature           20C~25C ( 68F~77F )
  • Humidity Limits                    40%~95%  ( It can be changed according to the conditions )
  • Humidity Accuracy               +/- 5
  • Power Consumption              Average 60W
  • Capacity                              10~120 eggs available at once
  • Size                                     500 x 410 x 160 ( mm )





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