Juragon RX Suro Reptile Incubator $495NZ

Juragon RX Suro Reptile Incubator $495NZ

Reptile Incubator

Not sure on temperature or humidity, let the RCOM Juragon RX incubator do it for you - the best in reptile eggs incubators.

RCOM Juragon RX Reptile Incubators

The RCOM Juragon Reptil Incubators really take the worry out of hatching your valuable reptile eggs and with the RCOM Juragon Incubator range you are spoilt for choice on the quality and specifications.

The RCOM Juragon Reptile Incubator Features:-

Main Functions:-

  • Easy use for a beginner 
  • Temperature setting and control
  • Automatic Humidity setting and control  
  • Celus. And Fahar. Interchangeable
  • Alarm Function

Easy Functions:-

  • Alarm for water supplement ( Humidity Control ) 
  • Incubation information indication  
  • Disassembling of lower body for easy cleaning
  • Dual Structured incubation container included 




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