Rcom Maru 380 - $1995

Rcom Maru 380 - $1995


Main Functions

  • Has 6 trays for holding eggs, + dedicated hatching tray!
  • Auto temperature & humidity control and set function
  • Auto egg turning & turning interval set function (1h, 2h, 3h)
  • Auto turner uses slide method to agitate eggs
  • LCD/FND display for easy recognition of incubation state
  • Artificial intelligence electronic control system applied from Rcom's most impressive technology
  • High reliability temperature and humidity sensor applied, produced by Sensirion, Swiss manufacturing
  • Transparent double insulated view window
  • Sliding air-vent able to control the air in the chamber
  • Minimized temperature variation applied from Rcom optimum air flow technology
  • Water heating system for evaporation eliminating bacteria
  • Water level sensing & warning system
  • Superb high density foam board for maintaining stable temperature & maximizing energy efficiency

Other Functions

  • Degree C/ degree F interchangeable
  • Hatching chamber equipped
  • Egg turning stop on opening window
  • Inbuilt humidifying system
  • Warning & display fucntion of abnormal temperature caused by ambient temperature fluctuation
  • Incubation data memory and alarm function in case of power outage
  • Equipped water nipple in front for handy water supply
  • Auto horizontal egg turner stop function & manual egg turner positioning function
  • Aluminum profiles used for duratbility and easy assembly
  • Adjustable universal egg tray able to be used for placing different size eggs according to species
  • Maintenance cover for easy cleaning and maintenance after hatching.


Model # CT-380

100W Consumption

64 lbs

17.5" x 32.8" x 32.3"


Maru Control Panel

Technology that will shape the future!

With an integrated, simplified control panel, you can easily adjust settings as needed, allowing you to have a great hatch every time.Maru 380 Functions of Operation


The easy to use controls allow you to adjust the turning intervals, set the temperature, and give you a digital readout of both temperature and humidity.


 R-Com Maru 380 Cabinet Incubator

With 3 universal trays included, as well as a dedicated hatching tray, you have enough space to easily incubate up to 380 chicken eggs! Want to incubate a different type of egg? There are trays available for that as well!

Maru 380 Hatching Trays

The optional universal egg tray comes with dividers to allow you incubate different size eggs by adjusting the plastic dividers to different widths. This way, you can even incubate different types of eggs on the same tray so you can truly maximize your incubation space!

R-Com Maru 380 Computer Design

 The above images show some of the testing done on the unit, including heat and air flow analysis, as well as the 3d design computer simulation.

Maru 380 Features

  Computer designed and precision engineered, this incubator has been thoroughly tested and tweaked to provide maximum results. Some of the unique components of the design include a sliding egg turning system, a heating humidification unit, a multi-fan air booster, sliding trays, patented humidity and temperature sensors, dual paned viewing window, and front water inlet. These, along with the dual panel insulation board, make it a unique and quality machine, that also boasts easy maintenance and cleaning.










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