Rcom Bird Pavilion - $1599

Rcom Bird Pavilion - $1599

The Ultimate Exotic Bird Brooder

Bird Brooding Incubator

Bird Brooder | Parrot Brooder

RCOM Bird Pavilion Large this great pavilion is a fantastic product from R COM that we are pleased to sell on chicken house web site.


  • Temperature & humidity control
  • Anion function
  • High-density oxygen supply (option)
  • Nebulizer (option)
  • Incubation process management with PC (option)
  • Temperature Setting Limit: 20C~38C
  • Humidity Setting Limit: 40%~70%
  • Far infrared radiation and carbon heating element is included in wall inside
  • Antibiotic air filter included for removing inner dust
  • Carbon Filter for deodorizing and anion apparatus
  • Solenoid valve for medical treatme



















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